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Agility Classes



 Canine Confidence Courses is a new program I am developing that is a step up from agility equipment, but easier than a police dog obstacle course.  Dogs will learn to cross a swinging wood bridge, crawl through obstacles, jump from one obstacle to another, climb short ladders, etc.  Class date will be posted soon.


CLICK HERE to Download Class Registration Form[/buttNon] 



GROUP LESSONS $65  5 wks, limited to 6 dogs

 No refunds after first class.

BEGINNERS –Dogs will learn confidence and rear-end awareness as you learn basic handling skills and how to teach your dog to perform obstacles.  For dogs 6 months or older.

  Saturdays – 11:00 a.m. to 12 (noon).

      January 20th to February 17, 2018 

      March 31, to April 28, 2018


ADVANCED BEGINNER – Continuing learning obstacles including weavepoles, teeter, perfecting contacts, sit-stays, and motivating dogs.

Saturdays – 9:30 to 10:30 a.m.

     January 20th to February 17, 2018  

    March 31 to April 28, 2018


INTERMEDIATE  For students to learn which type of cross works for them and their dogs, for students to understand how to pick the best path to take, proofing weaves and contacts, etc.

 Thursdays, 9:00 to 10:00 a.m.

     January 18th to February 15, 2018

     February 22, to March 22, 2018 


 ADVANCED – For handlers and dogs competing or ready to compete.  You will learn more complex handler moves to better communicate with your dog.  You will be refining your skills for better accuracy and determining when to use the various styles of handling.  You will also learn course strategy to run the best course for you and your dog.

Saturdays,  8:00 to 9:00 a.m.

  January 20th to February 17, 2018 

   March 3 to April 7, no class on March 24, 2018


  AGILITY ARENA  RENTAL   Students may rent the agility arena for $20 an hour (1-2 dogs), non-students $30 per hour (1-2 dogs).

  For groups a discount will be given based on the amount of dogs.


Current Students:  $35 per hour


AGILITY RUN THROUGHS 2017 (practice sessions)

See Events Page for more detailed information

Costs:  $5 for 1 run, $15 for 4 runs (2 Jumpers and 2 Standard runs) 

Dates to be announced.