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PROFESSIONAL GROOMING is now available – from just a nail clip to a full cut and style.


Grooming prices vary depending on the size of your dog, length of hair, condition of coat (matts), amount of scissoring needed, and amount of drying/styling needed.


The following prices are intended as an estimate only.


BATHS:   Include brushing, dematting, shampoo and conditioner, ear cleaning, nail trim and blow dry.

Small, short haired start at $18

Small, long haired start at $25

Medium, short haired start at $25

Medium, long haired start at $35

Large, short haired start at $32

Large, long haired start at $45


FULL GROOM, CUT AND STYLE:  (Includes all services listed in Baths above)

Small dogs average $36

Medium dogs average $45

Large dogs average $55 and up.